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Friday, November 16, 2012

Everyone's Italian Cookbook

This the book for anyone who loves Italian food. Recipes that are easy and fast to cook .  We have both a paperback and a Kindle version.
This is not a book with a thousand recipes meant to impress the cookbook critics.  It´s a book for real people who have to cook for themselves and their family and friends.  There are a limited number of recipes selected for their ease of cooking, their good taste and the idea the you will actually want to cook them on a regular basis.
It’s interesting that many if not most Italian cooks have a very limited kitchen.  The huge gourmet American kitchen is only a dream for most Italians who usually live in small homes or apartments.  The so called kitchen corner is common, as are old stoves, single sinks and small refrigerators.  At times I am amazed at the quality of the meals they produce with such limited facilities.  For example during our first few years living in Italy we did not have an oven in our kitchen.  We have spent a good amount of time camping around Italy and Europe.  So circumstances and our own desire to cook good food has inspired us to learn to cook quickly and with limited facilities.   The recipes here are a result.  The recipes are limited to those that fit this criteria.  They include easy to follow instructions and each has a picture so the reader can see what the finished product should look like.
My goal is to present some recipes that follow the ideal that cooking well doesn’t have to be a burden that destroys our fun or interferes with our free time. Most of the recipes can be made quickly even in small kitchens.  Some are modified from the traditional Italian recipes, some completely original and all limited to their ease of cooking. 
Everyone´s Italian Cookbook is all about easy to prepare good food. It’s not so much about innovative new recipes but more about showing you how you can prepare tasty good meals with little time, even if you are a new cook, that have an Italian flavor. 
I also hope to give you a taste of the life style in Italy as we have enjoyed it over a few years.  You will notice a bit of an emphasis on camping as it has been a big part of our life and cooking experience.
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