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Friday, November 16, 2012

Camp Cooking Italian Style

This is the book for every camper who wants to eat well but not spend too much time cooking.  We have both a paperback and a Kindle version.

It is a book born from the idea that good Italian food can be cooked even while camping, but it is not just for campers.  It has over 60 recipes carefully selected to be easy to cook, with easy to follow directions and pictures of every recipe cooked by me, Luisa and also our kids.  In fact it is even a good book for older kids learning to cook.

Italian recipes geared to camping and motor homing.  They are easy and fast to cook and don't require a lot of special ingredients or utensils.  Also included some bits about life and camping in Italy, and a pantry list that can be used as a shopping list.  There are paperback and kindle versions.  Both include pictures of every recipe and the kindle version has a clickable table of contents.

The book is based upon our own Italian cooking style, my wife is Italian and we live in Italy, and our travels by camper and tent camping all over Italy and many parts of Europe.  These are not fancy recipes but they are the ones we cook at home and in the camper on a regular basis.  It's kind of everyday Italian made easy.  It's the stuff you will want to eat often.
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